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    Laughter- The Best Medicine?

    Came across this very interesting article by Ejaz Khan on Wonderslist about laughter and the benefits it has on us. We all know how good it feels to laugh.  Do you know the health benefits of laughter? If simply feeling good doesn’t push you to laugh more, keep reading to understand all that laughter does for our bodies. Might just give laughing more thought.

    Laughing, like crying, is a good way of eliminating toxins from the body. Laughter is the best medicine. We’re always being told that. But, there’s actually more to a good giggle than just raising our spirits for a couple of minutes. It has been shown to have many beneficial effects in different ways. Below are 10 impressive health benefits of laughter.

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    1. Protects the Heart
    2. Laughter Helps You Lose weight
    3. Improves Your Breathing
    4. Internal Workout
    5. social Benefits
    6. Boosts Your Relationship
    7. Reduces Depression
    8. Relives Pain
    9. Boosts Your Immune System
    10. Live Longer


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