Resolution Tips To Have Your Best Year Ever!


    Reading an article from The Good Life here is our interpretation of what  Dr. Oz has to say about tips to ensure you will have your best year ever!  

    Tip 1. Set an Intention

    Take some time in a quiet space or whatever you do your best thinking and check in with yourself.  Pick the area in your life where you would like to see the most change or improvement. Before you start each day take a few minutes to focus on what you want to accomplish.  You can meditate, journal or simply declare your intention for the day. This will help you stay on track.


    Tip 2. Abandon all Excuses

    Do not let the limiting beliefs get you down.  Life happens but you will always have a choice how to react to the unexpected obstacles that come your way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let your close friends and family know you need their support, it’s ok!


    Tip 3. Figure out your Game Plan

    Your goals or resolution whatever you want to call them are for YOU  no one else. Take the time to research and educated yourself on what strategies will work best for you.  Do what works for you, it may take a couple of times to figure out what works, don’t give up!


    Tip 4. Set yourself up for success

    If you work hard the results will follow, that is what we have always been told. Map out your plan, know your limitations and take baby steps to push yourself for growth,  Nothing happens overnight it takes time and consistency. Finally set a date and find someone to hold you to it. If you have someone that will hold you accountable you will be sure to follow through. I hope these tips were helpful, you are well on your way to a fantastic 2019!


    Now you have the tips, make it happen! Here is to you and accomplishing your goals.


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