Winter Dormancy- Pruning of Trees

    Have a beautiful yard you want to keep healthy all year long? Professional arborists know how to prune a branch so the trees can seal the wound.  They are very knowledgeable in balancing the pruning so the tree’s weight remains well distributed. Pruning your trees can stimulate new growth to increase foliage, flowers or fruits by removing diseased, dead or damaged branches. Landscaping and tree care is not just for the warmer weather. Pruning your trees during dormant winter season will allow you more time to enjoy your landscaping during the spring!

    From American Arborists, a local company here in Reno, here are a few reasons why pruning will maintain the health of your trees.

    1. New Vigorous Growth: Pruning deciduous trees in the winter results in a strong burst of new growth in the spring.
    2. Improved Healing: Winter pruning is good for your plants, leaving them with energy reserves to rapidly heal wounds. Since sap is not as active during the winter, cuts are less likely to bleed.
    3. Precision Pruning: Damaged and diseased branches are more visible when not covered by foliage.
    4. Disease Management: Insects that may carry the disease from infected trees to fresh pruning cuts during the spring and summer are not active during the winter.
    5. Improved Access: During the winter months, equipment can often be moved closer to the trees being pruned due to the absence of landscaping plants and a strong frozen ground.
    6. Opens Sunlight: Pruning allows sunlight to enter, helping landscape underneath the trees to flourish.

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