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    Winter Driving Tips

    1. Turn off cruise
    2. Avoidquickstarts,stopsandfastAccelerate,brakeandsteersmoothly andgradually.
    3. ReduceSpeedlimitsarebasedonnormalroadandweatherconditions,not winter roadconditions.
    4. DonotslamonApplysteadypressureonABS-equippedvehiclesandpump the brakes if necessary on non-ABSvehicles.
    5. Always comply with all posted traction device Note: Some traction requirements have changed.
    6. Ifyourvehiclehassnowtires,installandusethembetweenOctober1andApril 30.
    7. Keep additional distance from other
    8. Watch carefully for snow removal
    9. Do not pass without good distance and sight
    10. Useextracautiononbridges,ramps,overpasses,andshadedareas-theymay freeze
    11. Maintain a high fuel
    12. Ifthevehiclebeginstoskid,steerindirectionofslideandslowlyremovefoot from the
    13. Be aware of black
    14. Ifparkedorstuckinsnow,leavethewindowslightlycrackedforventilationand make sure vehicle exhaust system is clear of


    Written by: Yvonne Beasley, Reno Gazette-Journal 11/2018

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