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    What EXP Can Do For You!

    Business Model and Earning Opportunities

    U.S. Domestic Teams

    eXp Realty provide legally married couples in the U.S. the option of a Domestic Team structure. It includes:
      • ICON eligibility with one award to the team
      • One capped transaction fee of $5,000
      • One Risk Management fee of $40 per transaction, capped at $500 per year
      • One shared commission cap of $16,000
    • One join fee of $149

    Self-Organized, Standard and Mega Icon Teams

    These teams are defined as:

    • One lead agent or team leader
    • One or more licensed agent working as a team member with a team agreement

    Team agreements are mutually agreed upon terms between the team leader and team members. These agreements are in writing and carefully considered to ensure compliance with all federal, state and local laws as well as company policy. eXp Realty will not intervene in any disputes between team members and team leaders.

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